30 November 2009

Thanksgiving-a la Florida

I decided to do something different for Thanksgiving, so I flew to Florida to visit my wonderful grandparents.  My parents and great aunt also flew down from MI for a relaxing weekend in Ft. Myers.  The weather was chilly (relatively), but it didn't stop us from taking walks and/or bike rides every day, and we even went to the beach to walk and pick up a few shells.  We went to a restaurant called "The Mucky Duck" and they gave me a shirt to send to John.  I put it on and took a few pictures before I send it to him.  

Even though my best friend wasn't there, I do thank God for all the blessings he has given us this year...a new house & a new baby, for starters.  I hope you realize all the blessings in your life this holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving.   

About to take a bike ride with Dad

Grandma put all her flags out in her yard the day John left

Baby G likes the beach

Me, Grandma, Dad, Mom, & Grandpa

Aren't my grandparents the cutest?!


Alison said...

I love the picture of you holding your belly. Precious

rebeccavalentine said...

yes they are :)

Jessica Perry said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for posting pics!

Ekaterina said...

I loved the pictures you posted...Specially holding your belly!!!! I am very proud of you Kris!!!

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