01 February 2010

Calling All Coupon Queens!

Lately I have been inspired my some of my friends' savvy saving skills and decided that, because this year we will be going from two salaries to one, it is going to be one of my goals to use more coupons and search out better bargains.  I always like to use coupons, but it really is all about making a conscious decision to save money at the grocery store, and all other stores for that matter!

Here are a couple tools in my arsenal:

Part of the problem I've faced in the past is not having coupons handy when I need them.  Now, I carry a mini photo album, the size of a brag book, in my purse at all times with handy coupons I can use for restaurants, Wal-Mart, etc.

One of my favorite websites is this one.  Although the creator of the site isn't local, she has lots of nationwide coupons and updates all the time.  I've ordered books of coupons for free through her website.  

I'm all for money saving tips & suggestions from you moms & ladies.  I am a humble beginner, but I feel the dollar stretching already! 


The Power Family said...

Southernsavers.com is a good website and tool to use. They acually give you pointers on how to save. It is a lot of research...the trick is to try and buy only when items are on sale, then use a store coupon with a manufacture's coupon as well.. and to hit up stores that will double and triple coupons...Harris Teeter advertises this from time to time. I would really like to take a couponing class at some point so I can master this too!!

The Paulk's said...

Check out my blog, I've been getting a TON of questions from friends/family about coupons (because I'm into it big time) so the next few weeks or however long I'm going to answer those questions...I did a post last week on how to get started, maybe it would give you an idea...Good luck :)

Melissa Hoffman said...

Hey Kris,
I am totally trying the same thing since we also will be going from 2 incomes down to 1. It seems overwhelming but I know I can get the deals so I am working on it. Also I took a quick peek at "The Paulk's blog tips and they are great! :)

The Gibson's said...

Couponmom.com and hip2save.com are also amazing....coupons are the best! :-)

Emily said...

I heart couponing...and great deals! I have found this website helpful: http://forums.savvydollar.org/index.php [it's specific to NC]

I'm also a fan of The Grocery Game...it has helped us save hundreds this past year in groceries!

We're looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...love, em

Ashley said...

good for you! I agree- check out Shelby's blog- she's been doing a great job w/ couponing sites & stuff... she's the one who got me into it. I have saved SO MUCH MONEY. I will take a pic of my stockpile today and post it on my blog... :)

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