02 February 2010

Cold as Ice

This is the reason for our 2 hour delay this morning...and no school yesterday...and a 2 hour early release on Friday. These are the leftovers of our Friday night/Saturday ice storm. We had an early release on Friday in order to take "necessary precautions," which was probably a smart move on the district's part. I'm now accustomed to North Carolina's ways of canceling school for even a threat of precipitation, but this time we actually got some. By Saturday morning, John measured about 1.25" of ice on his car and, needless to say, we were iced in for the day. By Sunday the roads were okay to drive to church and most other places, although there was no salt and Fayetteville's one plow out on the roads. Today was the shocker. They called the 2 hour delay yesterday, saying the reason was the remaining slush and ice in parking lots and on roads. BUT, I won't complain about these few hours to get ready for school. Be careful out there, it's a doozy!

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