22 June 2010

6 Weeks, Oh Boy!

Well, it has been almost 7 weeks since our long-awaited baby came into this world. I was ready 2 weeks early, and he came 3 days after my due date. I realize now that he is a lot easier to take care of in my belly. Haha...

These weeks have been such a blessing, and I thank God every day that Josiah is a healthy baby boy. Saying that, no one can prepare you for the adjustment of having a new baby, breastfeeding, getting peed and puked on, and no sleep, among other things. (hehe) I was told to hang in there, that 6 weeks was the magic number when things would start to get easier. It really is true, in that you get used to little sleep and feeling like you are a 'round the clock cafeteria. Other than mastitis 2 weeks ago, I feel like I am enjoying every day with him a little more. I am trying to soak in every moment, because he is already growing and changing so much. Here are a few pictures of him at 6 weeks old.

Josiah has no idea he has messages written all over his booty for his mommy and daddy.

At my baby shower in Michigan, everyone wrote messages of encouragement on diapers for those 2 am changings. I am just starting to use them, and they are hilarious. Here are some of my favorites:
Hope this one is not a blow out. -Reba (my sister)
Never use the finger test. -Betty
Make sure the job is finished before changing. -Aunt Gene
Always be grateful that everything works. -Pam
Hang in there. You will get a full night's sleep again. -Reba
Enjoy that little butt, it grows big so fast. -Diane
It's okay to let me cry. I'll live! Haha! -Shelly
Remember- a pooping baby is a happy baby. -Aunt Colleen
And my all-time favorite: "Put this diaper back, Kris. John has to change this one." -Reba

When I was in Michigan a few weeks ago, I started laying Josiah on his tummy to sleep. I was really nervous the first night I did, but he slept so much better than on his back. I still pray over him every time I lay him down, but I just remember he is a perfectly healthy baby. People have been laying babies on their tummies for centuries, and most of the research out now about SIDS leans toward babies having a tendency/deficiency of a chemical that tells their brain to breath while they are sleeping.

I am obsessed with taking pictures of his feet. I love the baby pose with his toosh up in the air while he sleeps.


The Power Family said...

Both of my boys were belly sleepers and were tuckers as well...my youngest one still tucks his legs under when he sleeps...and he is almost 3!! =) I am glad to hear that things are started to get better!! Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, but the payout is SO worth it!!

Erika said...

He's getting so big and is adorable! I love the shower idea of writing on diapers...too cute! My kids are all stomach sleepers:) AND mastitis is the worst! Prayers for you that you NEVER get that again!

Specks said...

Makes me wanna sing "nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard..." :) Josiah can't tell you how much he loves and appreciates you now, but someday he will! Makes me feel bad for all those babies who don't have such loving and caring mommies. You're doing great! And happy birthday!
*I don't wish mastitis on anyone!!! I feel for ya...

Nikki said...

You're doing great, Kristin! I think more people put their babies on their tummies than we think...they just don't admit to it as readily. Lily sure has been sleeping well that way! I pray for her, too :). Hope our babies can meet someday!

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