24 June 2010

A Few of My Favorite (7 Week) Things

Josiah is 7 weeks old today. I want to start writing things down I know I will forget later. I am working on the story of his birth, as it was the most special thing that has ever happened to John or I (other than the day we said "I do," of course).

Josiah has been smiling since the first week we brought him home. Many of you are thinking right now, "There is no way...It was probably just gas," but I am not the only one who can testify. He started cooing and gurgling at us at 5 weeks. He had a huge growth spurt through weeks 5 & 6. He's sleeping 4-5 hours at night, eating, then going back to sleep for 2-3 more hours. I am a much more happy momma now that I'm getting some sleeeep! His eyes are looking like they'll be blue, but probably will change. John's are brown & mine are green...they'll probably end up brown. He looks a lot like his daddy, with a slight resemblance to his momma.

Some of my favorite times with him are:
*when I'm rocking him to sleep and we "talk" to each other in a low voice. He'll talk and coo at me, before he gets too tired and fussy
*when he's sleeping, I start talking to him and he smiles from ear to ear
*after he eats and I'm pulling him up to my shoulder to burp, he folds his arms and legs, sticks out his butt, and gives a good stretch
*when I read him books and he gets excited. His eyes get real big and he flails his arms and legs, especially when he looks at himself in the mirror.
*watching him sit with Daddy when he gets home from work. He just chills in his lap and looks like he feels too cool for school

These are a just a few of many great memories we are making every day. I am trying to remember him this little, because most people I talk to say "I can't remember mine being this small!"


Hi-D said...

These photo's are adorable! I am so happy for you and your little bundle of joy!

Becky said...

sooooo cute! :)

Jessica Perry said...

He is such a handsome little guy! Give him kisses from us!

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