12 August 2010

The Mommy-Do!

Lately I have seriously been considering getting my hairs cut short, a.k.a "the mommy do." I told myself I was not going to do it, because it happens every time. Someone has a baby and, sure enough the next time you see them, their hair is all cut off. I was prepared for it mentally and have been trying to grow my hair out long again, but had no idea what I was in for.

I knew I probably wouldn't always have my curly hair and, whenever anyone asked me if I liked it, I told them yes because of that reason. My mom gave Mike (my big bro) & I her curls and her hair was never the same again. No one really knows this, but my mom had just as curly of hair as I do (scratch that, did). Now she wears it straight most of the time, but her curls turned into a wave after generously passing them onto her darling children.

It really isn't a big deal to me, but people know me by my curly hair. I have been approached at a public event (the Indianapolis USTA tennis tournament with thousands of people...Eric is my witness) by a lady who said, "I remember your hair! I took a picture of it last year at this tournament and sent it to my daughter!" It is crazy, but I feel my hair has embraced my bubbly, energetic personality over the years. I don't quite feel "me" when my hair is straight, although sometimes it is a much needed change.

Sure enough, mid-pregnancy I noticed my hair changing. My curls were taming and I started straightening it a lot easier. I didn't mind, as long as I passed on my curls to Josiah. Hopefully he will have some curly locks someday, but in the meantime I am having to learn how to re-do my hair. I feel like I am in middle school, playing with styles and products (back me up sistas who have had babies!) to make it look wash'n'wearable and not like I just rolled out of bed. So far, no luck. My curls are limp and I don't like them anymore, but it is too hard/long to straighten every couple days. So I have a hair appointment for the 21st of this month and I am highly considering chopping it so the curls won't have as much weight AND I can straighten it faster and get away with not washing it for a few days..hehe. I really want to grow my hair out long, but have a lot to consider before the 21st. I will share some pre and post preggo pictures, as well as some of my "do's" over the last couple of years, as I contemplate going short again. Thanks for reading this oober-girly post. And really, it's not that dramatic, I just thought I'd share. :)

This is obviously post-baby and the only picture I have with my hair semi-down since Josiah was born. Every other pic it is thrown back into a ponytail. We'll call this one, "Limp Curlz."

Pre-preggo pic...one of my headshots before Miss Michigan (thanks again, Shelly! You are lifesaver!). We'll call this one "Curlz in Abundance."

I dyed my hair last fall to see if blondes really did have more fun...hey, you never know until you're a brunette!" We'll call this one "Trying-to-find-my-identity Curlz."

When I chopped my hair, I chopped it! About 13 inches came off and my curls were light as air. We'll call this "Super-Duper Bouncy Curlz."


DomestiKatie. said...

i like the super duper bouncy curls pic!! but you have always looked completely striking, be your hair straight, wavy, curly, short, long, whatever! you'll find a way to make it yours no matter what you choose. :) can't wait to see the final product!

Cathy & Lauren Jones said...

I think your hair is just probably weighed down...BUT I do remember when your hair was way long and still super curly. You should just get a cute bob, A-symmetrical would be really pretty too. No mommy cut, just get a sharp cute cut. X)

Specks said...

I went through this shedding process from 3-6 months after Carter was born where I would literally pull out clumps of hair each day...so depressing. I have some friends who are pharmacists, and they recommended still taking a prenatal vitamin everyday to help my hair fill-out and return back to normal. It helps, and I usually just end up showering/styling at night so I can get up and go the next morning!

Good luck on your new-do!

Melissa Hoffman said...

I think your "limp curlz" are BEAUTIFUL! But I totally understand needing a "pick me up". I need a pick me up post baby in more ways than one! haha! Can't wait to see what you pick... anything will be GORGEOUS on you!

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