21 September 2010

Midwest Vacation

The last two weeks were spent in 3 different states: a week in Illinois with John's side of the family, a weekend camping in Indiana with my sister and her family, then a week in Michigan with my family. A LOT happened over the course of those 15, or so, days!

We (John & I):
*K: had a baby shower with John's family. Thank you so much to Great Grandma Byrd, Grandma Germanceri, Aunt Sarah, and Aunt Mom for throwing us such an awesome shower. We were so blessed!
*J: hunted, fished, and golfed...the three "musts" for any of John's vacations
*logged over 47 hours driving in the car...enough to last us a looong while. We will be flying up for Thanksgiving. :)


*found his feet (and would not let go of them!)
*started "crawling" (the inchworm)
*took his first few bites of food
*"turned" 4 months on September 6th
*went to his first Michigan game at The Big House

There are a lot of pictures on facebook, but I will post a few here for those of you who can't look on FB. We had a great 2 weeks and, after being on the go so much, I feel like I could take the baby anywhere and he'd be fine. He had a great time with all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Thanks for taking time off of work, canceling plans, making the drive, etc., to hang out with us. We love you guys, and wish we could see you more often.


John, Kristin, & Josiah

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Specks said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! (...and congrats on surviving 47 hours in the car!) I wanted to let you know that we'll be in Greenville over deer season/Thanksgiving...it would be great to see you all if you're in town!

Take Care!

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