07 October 2010

Shake, Rattle, & Roll!

...and then some! This month has been a big month for Josiah, as he is getting bigger and stronger by the day. He is doing something new almost every day, including today he stood up by himself as I helped him balance. He is rolling over, spitting and making other funny noises, belly laughing, sticking his feet in his mouth constantly, and even starting to eat some solid foods. He loves apples and pears (puree, of course), but is still warming up to carrots and bananas. I'm working on a video of the last month and all the new things he's doing. Until then, here are some pics I took of him yesterday, when he was officially 5 months old! There is nothing better than being parents, and we're starting to not remember what life was life before him. We thank God every day for an amazing and healthy baby boy!


rebeccavalentine said...

cute pics. have you had this background for awhile? i just changed mine yesterday to this background...lol. good taste i guess :)

Jessica Perry said...

He's changing and growing up too fast! Hi Josiah...we miss you little buddy!!

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