26 January 2011

My Little Explorer

Happy New Year! OMG, is it really already February? Phew! I have to say...we had a wonderful time up north in Illinois for a week, Michigan for a week, then John drove back and Josiah & I were able to stay another week in Michigan. We made so many great memories with family and friends, but we were also excited to get home and back into our routine. I went through a short "sad time" in Michigan to leave my siblings, nieces and nephews, but I also realize how grateful I am to live in an age when we are just a skype phone call away. I hope someday we can all live closer so we can be more involved in each others' lives!

Now that we're back, Josiah is exploring the house room by room. A couple of his favorite places to go are Chula's food & water bowls, the linen closet to jump and bounce off the pillows and blankets on the bottom shelf, and both bathrooms to play by the bathtub. He knows what is and what is NOT a toy, and he wants to play with things I think he knows he shouldn't..lol. He is pulling himself up on everything, giving kisses, waving, and starting to feed himself. His 9 month appointment is coming up and I'm already nostalgic about where the time went. I feel like I had him yesterday, and now he's a big, happy baby boy. We are so blessed. Here are a few pics of Si playing around the house.

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