02 February 2011

Welcome Home!

Our Future Home will soon be ours, the end of February to be precise. It is a mountain-lodge style home in the mountains of Vermont. We are super excited, as it comes with all the amenities such as, but not limited to:
a 3000 square foot, well built, two level lodge
a living area, kitchen, dining room, master and guest bedrooms as well as a mud room, laundry room, gathering room, ski dorm and dorm bathroom.
deck and hot tub
comes fully furnished with warm colors and complete with a car barn. Oh yeah, and a car (SUV).
$500,000 cash bonus

You are all welcome to come visit, just 14 people at a time though, as that is all it will sleep. Bring your skis (or snowboards)!!


Alison said...

I hate to tell you but we are going to get that house! It will be our vacation house so you can use it whenever you want!

Melissa Hoffman said...

would that not be INCREDIBLE! I hope you win! :)

john & kristin. said...

Alison, better luck next year. HA! JK...I just hope someone I know gets it so we can visit! I am registering every day!!

Meliss, Yes, it really would be a dream come true. What a lifechanger. Kellie and I were talking last night about having a friend reunion and we decided a good place to have it would be in Nashville. Would you be up for it?!!!?? :)

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