08 February 2011

Super Time!

We were invited to John's Commander's house for the Super Bowl, and he and his wife happen to be die hard Steelers fans. Despite the outcome, we had a great time talking, eating, and watching funny commercials. My favorite was definitely the little boy who was trying to get in touch with his inner Darth Vader. If, for some reason, you missed it, check it out! What was your favorite commercial?

I made this and this, both turned out great. I think will forever make my own salsa now, because it tastes so much better than any store bought brand.

I also made monster cookies, a family favorite, that makes a ton of cookies (aka "kitchen sink cookies"), in my new stand up mixer! (Thanks, Mom & Dad...what a great Christmas present. It's the gift that keeps on giving.) I had enough to take a huge plate to church for my fellow worship team members Sunday morning. The recipe is basically oatmeal, chocolate chips, m & m's, butter, eggs, and sugar. They are delish. You might be saying, "Chocolate? For breakfast?" If that is you, we are no longer friends, because you should know it's never too early for cho-co-la-tay.

Hope you had a fun time, wherever you were watching!

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Jessica Perry said...

I've had my eye on both of those recipes you made! I hope to make them soon. I'll have to call you so you can tell me how yummy they were. Hope Josiah is all better now. Love you guys!!

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