14 February 2011

Us, Lately

Josiah's FAVORITE thing is to go tip Chula's food and water bowls. He broke her porcelain bowl, but that's okay. He likes to tip tupperware, too.

Another one of his favorite things is to open the linen closet door and bounce on the pillows and blankets. And in case you are wondering, that is the tubing for my breast pump in his hand. So much more fun than one of his toys.

Not feeling well for a week or so with a double ear infection. My poor baby.

Then he traded in his double ear infection for the misery of cutting two top teeth. Ouch!

The previous 3 pictures Josiah is making "the face." The Face is one he pulls out every once in a while when I take his picture. Not sure why, but I think it's pretty cute!

And then there is his smile. It melts my heart, and Daddy's everytime.

This boy is typical, he loves to be naked. 9 times out of 10 he is only half-dressed, because he runs away. Okay, crawls, but really fast!!

Mommy's little boy. I cherish these days, and I realize they are going too fast. Josiah is 9 months old and I already feel like he's turning into a little boy, wanting to play rough on Daddy's shoulders and fly around like "Super Baby" in Momma's arms. Josiah is somewhat of a picky eater, but we keep giving him lots of options in hopes to develop his love for yummy fruits and veggies. His favorite things to eat are toast with jelly, yogurt, most fruits, and squash or sweet potatoes. He talks a lot and leans in to give Momma lots of kisses. He loves to be chased, tickled, and to be part of any conversation. His favorite toys are stand up toys, his dump truck, and mommy's cell phone. He loves to read books and help me turn the pages.

As you grow, my sweet baby boy, this is my prayer for you:
My sweet baby on loan from above
no better treasure could I more love
I stand here beside your bed as I pray
I lay my hand on your head and I say:

May you grow up to serve Him
all of your days
May He lead you and guide you
in all of your ways
May He bless your future with
friendships that last
May you cherish your youth
and not grow up too fast

I stare in wonder at your tiny frame
Just to think God knows you by name
He knows every hair on your head
He knows your thoughts before they are said

May God grant you peace
in the midst of a storm
May God give you strength even
when you’re forlorn
May you answer the door when
Jesus comes knocking
May wisdom guide when
your mouth is talkin’
May discretion protect you
and keep you pure
May you never stumble
or fall for a lure
May your heart remain humble
to the very end
May uprightness and truth
be what you defend
May the world not ensnare
or change who you are
May the light that's within you
shine like the stars
May angels surround you
body, spirit, mind
May favor and peace be yours to find
May rejection and pain
never reach you
May your spirit grow bold
for what you’re called to

As you rest in God’s care I will rest too
Knowing that Jesus is watching over you


Alison said...

Lincoln thinks yogurt is desert. WE give it to him after dinner.

Melissa Hoffman said...

sweet sweet prayer. I am going to print that. He is such a punkin!

mike said...

awww, miss him! and you!

mike said...

Noticed that said Mike...it's not!

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