27 February 2011

You are My Sunshine

We have been having nothing short of amazing weather in North Carolina lately. One of the benefits of living in the south is the temperate and early spring, bringing neighbors out to wash their cars, ride bikes, and take their kids to the park. Just like us! We have had windows (and doors) open all day long, and finding all reasons to stay outside most of the day. Wether it is cleaning out our garage with Si in his pack and play, one of us watching the baby so the other can go on a run, then trade turns, or all of us rollerblading along with Si in his jogging stroller, we cannot manage to get enough Vitamin D. I actually got sunburned yesterday (sorry for rubbing it in for all still waiting for spring) from all the aforementioned activities. It is true, it may not stick around every day and sure, it's still considered "winter" for a while longer. But one thing's for sure, a little sunshine is good for the soul.

Josiah flying high on the swing.

Josiah's new "thing" is to "Praise the Lord." In between bites, when we smile at him for no reason, whenever, wherever. We love it!

There have been a lot of "naked days," as I like to call them. Josiah is about to escape after a bath before Mommy can put anything on him. He is is father's son. :)

My little escape artist snuck outside and started playing with the mini charcoal grill on our patio. Looks like everyone is ready for a backyard BBQ.

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