22 June 2011

My Birthday

Summer is here. How do I know? Well, aside from the blazing 3-digit temperatures in North Carolina, my birthday happens to be on the first day of summer, June 21st. I have always loved summer, not only because it's "my" season, but with kids out of school and people on vacation, there is always something fun to do around town. We've spent many afternoons at the pool, when it cools down to 90 degrees. I don't say this to rub it in for those in other parts of the country still experiencing climate confusion, but just stating the fact that it is SO. HOT. here. Josiah and I usually go out first thing in the morning, around 7 am and by 8, we have to come inside because I don't want to put sunscreen on him (Call me lazy. No really, don't.).

I have also been using summer as an excuse to not be as productive during the day as I usually am, since my routine is pretty much the same thing every day of the year. Wake up, play, laundry, dishes, crochet (more later), etc... So lately, when Josiah goes down for one of his two naps during the day, I will read or take a nap. I have never been a huge reader of novels, but a certain Nicholas Sparks has been a recent favorite of mine. I find him to be a very quick, easy read, and I enjoy that most of his novels I've read are set in the southeast, so any one of the characters could be one of my neighbors. (Side note, I think I could write a novel about one of my neighbors...drama, drama, drama.) I just finished The Lucky One and a friend just lent me Safe Haven.

Back to my birthday...haha. Yesterday was such a great day. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but I guess I am just learning to enjoy life in my old (27) age. Josiah and I drove through Starbucks, played at the park while we ate breakfast, and walked to the library for story time in the morning. In the afternoon a good friend came over for a great visit and "coupon meeting" to plan for a trip to Harris Teeter for Super Double Coupon Week. You might not get excited about that, but trust me, it's fun to excited about coupons with someone else so I don't feel so much like a dork. (Dani, you are not at all a dork, though I may be for so many other reasons!) John took me out to dinner with Si to our new favorite local spot, The Lodge Steakhouse and Tavern. We were one of two families dining there yesterday evening and spent much of our time there in good conversation with most of the wait staff gathered round. Seems like everywhere we go, we make friends. After all, who can resist talking to an adorable baby, even if he can't understand you or talk back? We came home, watched part of an "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy" episode, read for a while, then went to bed early.

I leave you with this..."a turtle in sunglasses and a hat" according to my mom. By the way, the goggles are only for the picture. Immediately following he ripped them off, as he normally does.

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Jessica Perry said...

That picture is too funny:) Sounds like you had a good birthday. Hope to talk to ya soon.

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