23 June 2011

Neighborly Neighbors

Victor and Rosa live across the street. They epitomize the cute Puerto Rican couple who is always playing salsa music, outdoors enjoying life, and having tons of cars fill their driveway on the weekends for family dinners, etc. They are always so friendly and love watching Josiah grow up.

A couple of weeks ago we were playing in the yard on a Saturday morning and here comes Victor, with a big box in hand. He politely asks John, "Would you allow me to give this to your son?" I secretly think John was more excited about this toy than Josiah ever would be, but he responded with a cool, "Sure." Victor told us he had bought it for his grandson, but he played with it once and never again.

I have no idea what kid wouldn't play with this toy. Whenever we go upstairs, Josiah literally runs and dives into it. He proceeds to kick and flale his arms and make an excited panting-like sound to show how much he loves this thing. It is a huge inflatable Thomas the Train toy with soft air filled balls, just like Mickey D's use to have before they nixed them due to injury/bug bites, and the like. Thanks, Victor and Rosa! You made our day (or years, since I think he will play in it until he's a teenager)!

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