31 August 2011

Bumpy Day

Today was definitely a bumpy day. Don't get me wrong, it was a great day, all things considered. Josiah started out the day by playing one of his usual games called "close my eyes and run." It is quite funny and I think, in part, he's trying to be funny, but he ran right into the molding around my door frame and cracked his head. Yowch.

His first nap time rolled around and he didn't act too tired when I layed him down. I heard him talking to himself (he is his mother's son;) and playing and about a half an hour I heard a huge "thud." I thought the delayed inevitable was finally here. He fell out of his crib. So, I ran to see him crying but still in his crib, but notice another red mark on his forehead, just next to the instant bruise the door frame gave to him. A little later I got him to sleep.

The day proceeded as such, and everywhere Josiah went, his head lead the way as a bumper. A couple other bumps happened before 12:30, so I decided to get us out of the house for awhile. We headed for the pool (no pun intended) and had a marvelous time. We were the only people there because the schools in most parts of North Carolina last week.

We packed up and I noticed I left my sunglasses at a different part of the pool. I changed Josiah into a fresh diaper and outfit, put on my cover up, and went to pick up my glasses. I kept checking to make sure Si was following me and he was, just until I picked up my glasses and turned to see him fall in 3 feet of water and bump his chin on the concrete on the way down. I jumped in and got him before either of the two lifeguards nearby could say "sunburn.". I'm glad we could add a little excitement to their work day, but at my poor baby's expense. We travelled home soggy and made it through the rest of the day without any more bumps, thank God! I don't know how much more his head could take today, let alone my nerves!

I have found out fast that, unless you keep your kid on a leash 24/7, you can't protect them 100%, even when they're toddlers and in your plain sight. We can just pray God keeps them safe from the near misses, especially those wide open boys who get crazier by the day. Here's hoping for smooth sailing tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Sonya said...

Oh, my gosh, Kristin, what is it about toddler boys and bumping their heads all the time?!?! Don't they know their poor mommy's hearts (and their heads!) can't take all those bumps and bruises?

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