19 August 2011

Michigan or Bust

Last week Josiah and I had the opportunity to travel together to Michigan while John was out in the field sleeping in our sweltering North Carolina heat. It was a perfectly timed trip to see family, friends, and new babies! My sister had Eleanor (Ellie) 3 weeks prior, and a good friend, Kelly, had her baby boy, Landon, while I was up north. There is nothing like holding one newborn, so I was doubly blessed to see two little ones.

We did so much in the 10 day visit that I felt like a tazmanian devil when we got home. I asked myself, "What just happened?" It was just long enough to enjoy good family time, as well as squeeze in lots of events, as you'll see...

I flew to Indianapolis nonstop on Friday (thanks again for finding us that flight, mom!), where my sister and her family live. Saturday we drove downtown to the children's museum and the kids had an absolute blast! It's the largest children's museum in the States (or the world?), so we could only hit up so much in one day. The kids were all asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot to go home, and I think the adults could've, too.

Sunday, Becky, me, and all 4 kids trekked up to Michigan to meet my extended family at the lake for a reunion. I didn't get any pictures here, but a great time was had by all. I always leave our reunions looking forward to the next!

Monday night two friends from Centro NOE, the school at which I taught in Mexico, were in town and came over for a reunion at my parents' house. Lots of other friends and supporters of NOE came, too, and we had a great time hearing about what's going on in Mexico at a place very dear to all of us. So good to see all of you, especially Juan and Nadia!!!

Tuesday through Saturday were filled with visits from family and friends. A girlfriend of mine, Claire, came over with her adorable daughter, Audi, and we had a good time catching up and reveling in how we don't feel like we're "grown ups" with kids...ha! We also had a friend visiting from New York, Joy, who had fun getting out of the city to enjoy the slower pace of life at the Perry's country home in Jackson, Michigan. We all went to the county fair to see the farm animals, eat cotton candy, and play some games. It was Joy's first time to a fair with animals and we all asked each other, "What other kind of fair is there?" Guess you have to grow up in Jackson to understand it's not a fair without them. We even found a cow named "Joy!"

Sunday we had a birthday party for my niece, Layla, who will turn 3 in a couple weeks. She was soo excited to open each gift that everyone felt very excited each one was her favorite, at least until she opened the next! She was too funny blowing out her candles. We all covered our mouths as we heard a strong "Ffffffffffff..." sound come out. We left later that day back to Indy to sleep one more night, then back to NC on Monday afternoon.

I was so excited to come home. I'm sure you all can attest, there's no place like "home." By the time John picked us up and drove home from Raleigh, it was 9 pm and we were exhausted. But, my sweet hubby planned a scavenger hunt for me that I "needed" to do that night. I relented and started with the clues, one at a time. There were 10 gifts for the 10 days we were gone. Most of them were little gifts he got from the Army retention department, which included an Army mug, beach towel, and backpack. Some sweats and a north face fleece (can't wait for fall!) and then #10. I opened it, groggy from need of sleep, and my eyes bugged out as I realized what it was. An iPad2...he insisted, even though I've never held that much technology in my hands (ever!) and have yet to realize its full potential. It was so thoughtful of him and sooo unexpected, only confirming that I have the best man in the whole world.

This week I have had no plans except play dates, pool visits, and figuring out my iPad. We had a great time up north and look forward to the next we can ALL visit for the holidays!


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