15 September 2011

15 month update

Wide open is the best term I have to describe our little Josiah. From the time he wakes up until his head hits the blankey, he is going full throttle. He is almost always happy and loves to shower me with hugs and kisses, a lot of time when I don't ask for them. He loves to read books, sitting in his special chair and has a few favorites: B is for Bear (an alphabet book), Where's Spot? (a lift the flap book), The Noisy Barn (exactly what it sounds like), and Goodnight Scout.

He is 31 inches long and almost 27 lbs which is the 80th percentile for height and 67th for weight. Everywhere we go people think he is older than 15 months.

He is still not really talking, except for saying "Mama," "Dada," and "yes.". He tries to say "truck," but sound effects are his specialty. He is going to be just like John, who is able to mimic any sound, whereas I use one of two sound effects for everything.

Josiah is really funny. I thought it was normal for all kids to do what he does to try and make us laugh, but apparently not. This makes me a little nervous for later in life when I worry what he will do to make his buddies laugh. I thank you for your prayers right now for his teenage years.

John and I love this stage Josiah is in and I already dread the day he gets in the bus to go to kindergarden. I enjoy spending every day with my little buddy and seeing almost every smile and wiping almost every tear. I'm amazed at how fast these 15 months have passed, and I am excited to start all over with our next baby in February.

I leave you with this, which petty much sums it up. I love being his mom.
My Funny Boy

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