02 February 2012

Golden Grahams and God

Today I gave Josiah a little bowl of Golden Grahams for his afternoon snack and sat down to enjoy some snuggle and tv time with him. I watched him devour most of them quickly, turn to me and put a couple of them into my mouth and nuzzle back into me. I gave him those Golden Grahams, but he wore such a proud face that you'd have thought he earned his own paycheck, gone and picked them out himself at the grocery store, and, out of the goodness of his heart, was sharing them with me.

I immediately had a moment. How often do I give of my time, talents, and treasure to other people, believing I am doing them a favor? I forget so quickly who is the Giver of all good things and that they are not mine in the first place. And I also forget the pleasure our Heavenly Father must have to give us those things and see us give them back to Him in the form of living for other people, rather than hoarding them to ourselves.

It's funny how much kids can teach us about things that really matter in this life. Today my favorite little guy did just that for me.

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Joy said...

Great insight, thanks for sharing!

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