03 February 2012

High Five for Friday...a day late.

Top 5 things that happened this week in no particular order...

My dear friend, June, let me go through her daughter's basically brand new baby clothes and I walked out of her house with 5 BIG garbage bags of a.dor.a.ble clothes for a fraction of the price she paid for them. Thank you, June!

Our neighbors and friends, Brad and Laura, welcomed home their new baby girl from the hospital. New life is such a gift to so many more people than just their parents, and it made me that much more excited to welcome our own little girl home any day!

Friendship. Every week a friend comes over and her daughter and Josiah play while we sit and enjoy coffee, a few laughs over stories from our week, and all around good adult conversation. Those of you who around kids all day know exactly how refreshing it is. Added bonus, our kids love each other and play very well together, too. Thanks for your friendship, Lahni and Corinne!

My May Books. Before Christmas, my friend Kelly told me about a great deal for these cute, personalized notebooks. I bought an agenda and a weekly meal planner that has helped me accomplish that never-ending goal of living a healthy, organized life. Thanks for the tip, Kelly!

Life. Sound cliche? Owell, it's true. My grandfather, who's in ill health, fainted twice this week because of lack of oxygen to his brain. He has improved, but all the doctors say that it probably won't be long before he's no longer with us. I thank God he has lived a full life filled with love and family, and that he knows where his eternal home is. Thank God for our hope in Jesus Christ.

Think about your high five and remember how much you have to be grateful for this week! Tata!

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