30 April 2012

Brooklyn 2 Months

Our little Brookie is two months and already seems so interactive.  It's hard not to compare her to Josiah at this age, but she is all smiles and talking already!  She coos and sings with me, her favorite song is "You are my Sunshine".  I will soon post video of her singing with me!

Brooklyn weighs 11 pounds and changing every day.  I'll update her stats as soon as she goes to her 2 month check up. She has a cute little button nose and a birth mark on her belly.  Josiah points to it and says, "Ouch?" and I tell him it's a mole.  How do you explain a birth mark to a 2 year old? 

Brooklyn is fearless, not afraid of noises, or her brother.  She loves him to give her attention and hugs while she's in the bouncer.  It's nothing short of an answer to prayer, because I wouldn't exactly call Josiah "gentle," but he does very well with her!

Brooke is sleeping through the night, her last feeding is around 9 and she'll wake up around 5 and go back to sleep until 7ish.  Yay for sleep! 

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The Speck Family said...

Yes, YAY for sleep!!! :)

What a cutie!

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