05 May 2012

Presenting...Josiah's Airplane Choo Choo Room!

This post is waaaaaaaay overdue, by about 2 months, to be exact.  My parents' project, while we awaited the arrival of our daughter, was to make a "big boy bed" for Josiah.  We used Ana White's farmhouse bed plans and my dad, being the perfectionist he is, made a few modifications.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind bed made just for Josiah!  My mom painted Josiah's dresser and stained the bed, so this was a team effort for a week before we brought Brooke home from the hospital.  A HUGE thanks to my parents for all your help with Josiah, his room, and taking care of us while we adjusted to our new addition.  We couldn't have done it without you!
"The Thinking Man" 
Grandpa's Little Helper
Josiah and "Bapa"
The finished bed and shelf made by John.  It's made of wood and railroad spikes (bought on e-bay).
FLY corner and toy storage
Mom painted his dresser and stained his bed.  Thanks, Grandma!
We love and miss you!  

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