17 July 2012

First's and New's

Lots of "first's" and "new's" this month:

Daddy is home more often now, so he must do everything for Josiah.   
 We're dating again!  Dinner and a movie has never been so exciting, just the two of us!
 4 months and rolling over, both ways!  Watch out world, here comes Brooklyn!
 Loving her "new-to-her" exersaucer.  Best.invention.ever.
 Finally getting out the old "geetar."  Josiah and Brooklyn love when I play, "You are My Sunshine" and "ABC's."    
 Brooklyn loved the swing for the first time at the park.  She's adventurous!

 Josiah loves to swing so for him to ask to play on the jungle gym was a big day for us!  He usually wants to do nothing but "wing" for 45 minutes.
 She found her feet.  Her favorite new toy!

1 comment:

Jessica Perry said...

Love the pictures:) Brooklyn is a doll. Can't wait to see those sweet kiddos in a few weeks.

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