30 August 2012

Matt Redman

A few months ago, internationally renowned worship artist, Matt Redman, visited our local church in Fayetteville for a worship night and service, as well as a workshop the next morning.  This was a huge deal, as Matt is one of the best songwriters and musicians in the christian music world in our generation.  He's written over 300 hymns/choruses, some of his most popular being:
Let My Words Be Few
The Wonderful Cross
The Heart of Worship
Better is One Day
Blessed Be Your Name
...among many, many more.  I was especially excited about this because, for those who don't know, I have a passion for singing, especially gratitude to my Creator!  The evening service was a worship service and a talk by Matt.  He is a very witty, little British man with a very good sense of humor.

The following morning he gave a 2 session workshop for leaders and the house choir on songwriting and worship.  If you are at all interested in songwriting, check it out!  The sessions aren't very long and I know it will be an encouragement to many.  

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