10 September 2012

Josiah 28 Months

Dear Osito,

Where do I begin with you this month?  It has been one of much growth from a baby to big boy.

*Physically, you are tall and thinning out into an adorable little boy, losing your baby look.  You're doing a great job of playing with other kids, and you especially loved playing with all your cousins in Michigan this month.  You learned a lot from them and had fun playing with the "big kids."  Your vocabulary has exploded this month and you are trying new phrases every day and letting us know some things we weren't aware you knew.  You're mimicking everything Daddy and I say.  You love to talk to people, use your manners, and flirt with waitresses at restaurants.  People tell us how animated your face is, and you love to make us laugh, even if it's just a silly face.  You have a great sense of humor, which will get you far in life.  You're finally starting to dance a little, and showing you inherited your father's 'skills.' (video below)      

*Emotionally, you are getting stronger and more independent, willing to venture away from Mommy and Daddy more and more.  You're doing much better at the church nursery, and you're learning to deal with solving problems independently, instead of throwing a temper tantrum or crying.  You're learning to rationalize, 'first this, then this....eat this, get this'...etc.  It has helped you not be so frustrated with expressing yourself and makes it easier for Mommy and Daddy, too! You're such a loving little boy, giving hugs and kisses to Mommy, Daddy, and especially 'Baby Sissy.'  When we tell you we 'love you sooo much," you tell us, "too much."  We answer with, "Much too much!!" :)  You're a big boy about walking yourself to bed and staying put for naps and all night, as long as you still have a blankey and binky.  Pretty soon we will start potty training and I'm sure you won't have any problems with it.  You have always surprised me with how well you transition from one phase to the next.

I wonder if you'll be like the Josiah from The Bible.  He lived in hard times and remained faithful to serve God and encourage others to, as well.  We love you so much, our sweet baby boy.  May God continue to bless your life and make you a blessing to many.  -Mommy & Daddy

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Diane said...

Haven is also a thumb sucker...which is convenient until it's time to wean them. You can't just cut their thumbs off like you cut a pacifier in half now can you? We will have to share tricks.

Also...maybe it's not Josiah's dance move, maybe it's the music?

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