11 September 2012

Brooklyn 6 Months

Dear Brookie, 
You are 6 months old and showing a lot of personality.  Your favorite thing to do is chase Josiah around with Mommy.  Your belly laugh is so cute that we all try to make you laugh constantly.  You always seem to have a smile on your face, even if Josiah just bumped you or you're fussing.  I hope you always have a positive outlook, no matter what comes in life.   
You are a little bitty!  Your 6 month stats are: 
Height: 7% (24.5 inches)
Weight: 25% (15.4 pounds)
Head circumfrence: 8% (16.5 inches)
You are one blessed baby girl to be surrounded by so much love in the forms of friends and family.  You love being passed around, but right now you prefer your Mommy most.  A close second is your blankey and thumb in your mouth.   
Your sleeping habits are getting better, slowly but surely.  You still wake up once every night just to nurse for comfort, but go right back to sleep.  I think you just want to know where Mommy is, but I also think there are a few teeth making their way out soon.  Either way, I don't mind, because I know these days are fleeting and pretty soon you'll be a big girl.  

I've tried many times to feed you baby cereal and bananas, but you want nothing to do with them.  You actually get a twitch in your left eye and gag sometimes on the cereal.  For now, we stick to a mesh strainer and you eat fruit and veggies from it.  Your favorite are apples.    
You are a log-roller on the floor, but it gets you where you need to go.  Here's a video of you making your way around our living room, showing off your new-found skills.  
You've recently begun huffing and puffing when you don't get your way.  I pray this is the worst your 'little girl attitude' gets, because right now it's still cute.  Here's a video of you letting us know you're so over being in the exersaucer.  
You're a cuddler and, thanks to your cousins up north, you got lots of lovin' (sometimes too much).  Lilly surprised me by picking you up and walking around with you.  I remember 8 years ago when she was as little as you!  
You had fun meeting Great Grandpa's beagle puppies and cheering on Michigan football for the first time this month.  Go Blue!
God bless you and keep growing you healthy and strong.  We love you, little sweet pea!
Mommy & Daddy

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