16 September 2012

Field Days

And we're not talking blue ribbons, folks.  John has spent a lot of time doing field exercise training this summer (a.k.a. he's gone for weeks at a time).  Josiah is really starting to miss his Daddy, especially in the morning and at night.  A few weeks ago he was in the field and we shot this video of Josiah playing and telling Daddy he loved him "too much."  We are so blessed to be a part of a military community, and we thank God for the sacrifices military families make all the time.  It is hard and the days are long, but we must think "It could be worse.  Daddy could be gone for a year, in a war zone, 7000 miles away."  We always miss you, Daddy.  But we thank God for you, and for all our soldiers and their families!

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