23 October 2012

Brooklyn 7 Months

Brooklyn is teething, babbling, and always smiling or laughing at one of us.  She's a joy to be around, even when she is teething.  No little toofers have popped through, but the front of her gums are loaded with white teeth making their journey down and out.  Her sounds are mostly, "Dah dah, bah bah, and pah pah..." still no "ma ma."  ;)
We've been having gorgeous fall weather.  And by fall, I mean 70's, which meant summer where I come from.  We've enjoyed many afternoons at the park, playing in the yard, and walks around the neighborhood.  I feel guilty if we are indoors, because I'm not sure how much longer we can enjoy this beautiful weather. 
When we are inside, it's family pillow fights and dance parties.  It reminds me that home is wherever we are, together.  Our hearts are full...of love and gratitude for all our blessings.  
Brooklyn started eating more baby food this month.  Before now, she'd push out anything with her tongue, except baby puffs.  She's now a pretty adventurous eater.  Now that she's eating solids, my job has gotten busier (more busy?) and I feel like most of my day is food prep and feeding.  Here's a video of the kids teaming up against us to see how much noise they can make together.  

She's also a lot more mobile, low crawling all over the place!  I came out of the bedroom and John was playing with Josiah.  I asked where was Brooklyn and we couldn't find her for a minute.  She curiously explored into her bedroom and didn't make a peep.  Here's one of her favorite places to hang out, under my coffee table.  Watch this short video to see her trick!

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