02 December 2012

Lovely Thanksgiving

We had a humble Thanksgiving, but a thankful one nonetheless.  We count our blessings every day for all the ways God has been so good to us.  For family and friends, to live in this great nation, and to have a hope in Jesus Christ for our and our kids' future.  

We tossed around the idea of Golden Corral, but it wouldn't be the same if we didn't veg out in front of the Macy's Day parade and have leftovers for dinner.  I love to cook, even for our little family of four, so we kept it simple, yet still incorporating all the Thanksgiving flavors.  I always ask myself why we don't cook some of these things throughout the entire year.  Here's our little menu, most of which are my girl Rachael Ray's recipes:

Cherry Chipotle Turkey Breast
Cranberry Lime Relish
Corn Stuffing Muffins with Bacon 
Glazed Pearl Onions
Sweet Potato Pie Casseroles
Escalloped Corn

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