30 November 2012

8 Months

Well, you are officially 9 months old but we are a bit behind this month.  You have experienced your first out-of-state move when you were 8 months old.  You did great with all the transitions from our old house into our new one.  You are beginning to rock on all fours and we know that full-on crawling will soon follow.  You can already get where you need to go pulling yourself along on your belly.  Crawling will just give you one more step of independence.  You are also beginning to pull yourself up to the sitting position, and sometimes to standing up.  You love to climb, so we call you our little Monkey.  You are trying to keep up with your brother, so you're always challenging yourself to do a bit more, a bit faster than Mommy would like.  
 You have been saying "Dada" for a short time and recently have begun saying "Mama."  You like other consonants like "B," "P," and "L."  You like to make Indian noises with your hand over your mouth.   You also like to high five and wave to people.  You love to clap when we tell you "Hooray!" and "Good job!"  
It's getting harder to take your picture.  You're always on the move, and you're not particularly fond of my monthly stickers.  
 Josiah regressing during Brooklyn's photo shoot.  He put on her sticker and began playing as baby did.  Don't worry, he's not starved for attention.  He's as fascinated by her as she is with him.  

 People stop us all the time to tell us what a beauty you are.  Your personality is just as sweet, and we couldn't imagine life without you, sweet Brooklyn Dawn.  

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Jessica Perry said...

She is beautiful! Can't wait to see ya'll soon;)

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