12 August 2013

March to August Catch Up

(Pics to come...experiencing technical difficulties)

Posting five months of updates in one blog entry is a bit daunting, okay, it's overwhelming.  So, I'll keep it simple.  Here's a few recaps:
* We moved to Ohio and John started his job as an ROTC instructor at University of Dayton.  He traded his truck in for a Hyundai.  He was gone most of June and July in Tacoma, Washington with ROTC cadets from across the US.
*Josiah is growing up, bigger, sweeter, and more like his Daddy than ever.  He's showing a big interest in sports, and recently went to his first baseball game with John to celebrate Josiah's graduation from his binky.  
*Brooklyn is in discovery mode, and she continues to be a very happy, loving little girl.  She is thoughtful, always wanting to take a snack or toy to "Jesiah," as she affectionately calls him (100 times a day).  She loves to look at family pictures, show off her language skills, and greet strangers in the aisles of grocery stores.  She loves to run, play with her baby dolls, blocks, and dance in her tutu.  She understands waaaay too much and most comment on how smart she is.  But Mommy already knew that.;) 
*I got my hair cut, joined the YMCA, and I'm taking an online course to receive my certificate in teaching English as a second language (TESOL).  No, I'm not going through a mid-life crisis, just enjoying the ages of my kids and enjoying a bit more time to do things that I love.  It feels good.  

We are meeting neighbors, finding a church, settling in a bit before the school year starts for John.  We miss old friends, but love that you're all a phone call or FaceTime away.  Thanks for joining us on the journey.  God bless, 

The Germanceris     

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The Speck Family said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are alive and settling in Ohio! I hope things continue to go well for everyone in your new home.

*Tell John that Tony had to trade in his truck for a car--they are great guys for giving up their manly vehicles for the fam :):)

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