09 December 2013

Hiatus Complete

These last 10 months have been virtually update-free, because they happen to have been some of the busiest 10 months of our lives.  John graduated his captain's logistics career course in May, so we moved our things from VA to OH into storage while we were in transition for about 2 months.  We found a house to rent in OH, John went to WA for 2 months with his new job, and we began settling in Buckeye territory, which happens to be quite a nice place (other than colors red and grey everywhere...Go Blue!)  We found a church we love, and I have joined the worship team and am getting to know several of the many great ladies who attend.  John is enjoying his instructor position for the UD ROTC program, who received the 2nd place program in the country earlier this year.  Josiah and Brooklyn are both doing great and adjusting well to Ohio life, seeing grandpa/ma's and cousins a lot more.  I'll update you more on the kids soon.  Here are a few pictures I was finally able to upload to our computer.  I hope you're all enjoying this holiday season as much as we are.  XO, us


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The Speck Family said...

Welcome back to blogging :):)

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