27 October 2008

The Mallochs

Our good friends, Darrel and Kellie Malloch, came to visit us this weekend.  Saturday was spent catching up, watching a lot of football, and just relaxing.  Saturday night we went on a haunted hayride in downtown Fayetteville with other friends, Dan and Bonnie, and celebrated Kellie's birthday with oreo ice cream cake.  On Sunday we went to church and around post, including the Airborne and Special Forces Museum which is a really cool highlight of any visit to Fayetteville.  Thanks for coming, guys.  The weekend went so fast!  We had so much fun and miss you already!

John and I by the Iron Mike statue in the Normandy part of Fort Bragg.
Kell and D's first visit to a military post.

'The caption of this photo says "Tricks of the Trade!": boots with soles that left "barefoot" tracks were used by Special Forces long-range reconnaissance units to fool enemy trackers.'  Cool, huh? 
John pointing to the sign behind him.
John and I await a jump with other paratroopers.
Kellie's first-ever carved jack-o-lantern.  Wow, good job Kell (and D!)
Pumpkin best friends (John and mine/Darrel and Kellie's)

The name of the game?  "Strategery."
Happy Birthday today, Kellie!!  It's her 'Golden Birthday!'  ...precious...


Perry's said...

Looks like you all had a great time! That ice cream cake is making my mouth water...mmm!

Becky said...

aww...it looks like you had so much fun! we would LOVE to come and visit!! hopefully we can make it work sometime!

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