21 March 2011

The Biltmore

We have been living in NC for almost 3 years and never had we gone west of High Point, toward the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. We decided it was time to see Aheville, the Biltmore House, and the seemingly endless mountainous view to the west. It was truly a feeling of adventure and exploration as we sang "Go west, young man!" We stayed in the Baymont Inn, just outside the Biltmore gates, and close to downtown Asheville. We experienced the college downtown Saturday, filled with shops, delicious restaurants, and a lot of Hippies. :) Sunday we toured the largest home in America, the "Biltmore Estate," George Vanderbilt's 250-room French ch√Ęteau family home and country "retreat." We had so much fun touring the house, the grounds, and eating in the Stable Cafe. And yes, it was located in what was the 18th century horse stable.

It was almost like walking into a different country as we approached the mansion. We felt like we were transported to Europe, touring one of the castles. We took an audio tour of the house, learning about the history, architecture, and some of the stories of what went on inside the hundred-year old walls. If it's not on your list of places to visit before you die, it needs to be!

We were not able to take pictures of the inside of the Biltmore, but you can click here to see a slideshow of pictures on the inside.

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