20 April 2011

Family Fun at the Beach

I've decided that I need to commit to being a better blogger. Not for anyone else's sake, because I don't know if anyone is even out there reading on our little piece of cyber space. But, I would like to look back and see this as a documentary of our memories, as we are making so many on a daily basis.

Well, I'll get on with it. We had a delightful visit from my (Kristin) family last week. They came down for their spring break to spend a week in Fayetteville and Holden Beach, NC. I live for these moments we can get together because, for those of you who live away from "home" and can attest, you don't take these moments for granted. The chaos of trying to get the kids fed, visits to urgent care and all the kids on antibiotics (except Iris, who got the flu!), refereeing them all to get along, too many cooks in the kitchen, and laughing as we all talk when the kids are down to bed...just a few of the moments that I'll look back on and cherish. I'm just glad I cherish them now, and in so, I had so many out-of-body experiences making memories for a lifetime. It's also beyond me how our kids are starting to make their own memories with their cousins that will last a lifetime. Saying that, we did not have our whole family there, and we much missed my oldest brother, Cory, and his family Kim, Lilly, and Jack. It's never the same without everyone together but I know there will be a day we can all enjoy a vacation together.

Here are just a few of our memories...

What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life - to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot

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