21 July 2011

First Family Camping Trip

We recently bought a tent in attempts to making memories doing what both John and I grew up doing...camping! Some of my favorite memories on family vacation revolve around a camper, outdoor multi-colored awning lights, campfires, bike rides, hiking, and everything else that comes with camping. John had a bit different take on his camping, since it was usually his dad and him (I don't think they had flowery awning lights), but it is a tradition none-the-less that we wanted to continue with our family.

We had the perfect weather to go last weekend (highs 80's/lows mid 60's) and we quickly packed up the truck (to the brim) and departed for Uhwarrie National Forest. It was a beautiful 2 hour drive south of Fayetteville, well the first half was beautiful. Josiah and I fell asleep the second half of the trip. We were surprised when fellow campers told us that you stick an envelope with your lot fee inside of a steel pipe leading into the ground, and that it was a sort of honor system. A host "park ranger" drives around to see if you put a permit in your windshield, and it's as easy as that.

All 3 of us had such a great time. Josiah romped around outside all day long, pushing his toys around and following us around as our little helper. John is made for the outdoors, and I love seeing him in his "mountain man" element. He goes into the field often with his soldiers, which is essentlially camping, but he insisted that he had a lot more fun with us that on maneuvers. We spent the days hiking by the lake, taking bike rides, and sitting by a campfire cooking pizzas and s'mores. Many memories were made, and I look forward to camping as Josiah, and our future kids, get older.

Josiah is clearly loving the outdoors

Playing peek-a-boo

Eating his first s'more...he loved it, but kept smacking his sticky fingers together!

Josiah loved his first fire cooked pizza...a family favorite of mine (Kris) growing up.

Our little tree frog clinging to Daddy as we go on a hike.

Daddy and son having a nice conversation over dinner. I can't get over how grown up Josiah looks.

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Jessica Perry said...

I loved this post. Look like you guys had a great time!

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