08 June 2012

Josiah 25 Months Brooklyn 3 Months

Josiah is counting to 5, then repeating me to 10.  He can identify most of his letters, and knows basic shapes and colors.  He surprises me all the time with words I didn't know he knew.  He is still my sweet boy who loves to cuddle and give kisses.  His favorite movies are Rio, Buzz (Toy Story), Thomas the Train, Mickey, and anything Elmo.  He loves to play with his tools, trucks, and trains.  He's starting to use 3-4 word sentences and has a great memory (what kid doesn't, right?) He loves to make Brooklyn laugh and play patty cake with her feet.  

Brooke is our little ray of sunshine.  She is so happy, cooing, smiling, and laughing all the time.  She is early to interact, loving to help me sing "You are my Sunshine," at a very early age.  She is in the 48% for height at 22 3/4 in, and 80% for weight at 12 lbs, 14oz.  Her eyes are lighter than Josiah's, but the verdict is still out whether they'll be green (like Momma) or blue.  She loves to fly in the air and bounce on our knees.  I think she's our future daredevil.  She's also teething a few of her bottom canine teeth.   

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