04 June 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We are especially glad to live in an military town around patriotic holidays.  There are special events, parks, and people wearing red, white and blue everywhere.  It's good to remember, even though it may be hard.  We spent Memorial Day at the Special Forces Museum and Veterans' Park, complete with dj's, a car show, and a picnic lunch.

Deare countrey! O how dearly deare
Ought thy rememberance, and perpetuall band
Be to thy foster child, that from thy hand
Did commun breath and nouriture receave!
How brutish is it not to understand
How much to her we owe, that all us gave; 
That much to her we owe, that all us gave;
That gave unto us all, whatever good we have!
-The Soldier's Faith

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